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First in Nordics and Baltics, Difseco is proud to bring Digital Forensics trainings from world leading software manufactures such as OpenText (EnCase), Magnet Forensics (AXIOM) and AccessData (FTK) closer to you. Spaces are running out fast, be first and register for the first courses!

Difseco eDiscovery & Digital Forensics workshop

24 October 2019

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Event Agenda:

DF120: Foundations in Digital Forensics with EnCase

TBA November 2019

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DF210: Building an Investigation with EnCase

TBA December 2019

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Digital Forensics Products and Solutions​

We continue our successful co-operation with world leading vendors and glad to offer gold standard Digital Forensics Hardware and Software tools.
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  • EnCase Forensics
  • EnCase Endpoint Investigator
  • EnCase Endpoint Security
  • EnCase Endpoint Mobile Investigator
  • Tableau Acquisition Hardware
  • Magnet IEF
  • Magnet AXIOM
  • Magnet AXIOM Cloud
  • FTK (Forensic Tool Kit)
  • AD Enterprise
  • Quin-C
  • BlackLight
  • Mobilyze
  • MacQuisition

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Difseco and Opentext eDiscovery workshop
24th October 2019
One full day packed with hands on information about why Digital Forensics and eDiscovery tools and technics are must to use in all litigation processes. Dive yourself into pool of useful knowledge of how eDiscovery can help in your everyday challenges.
We will run real life examples around major eDiscovery topics including DSAR and GDPR as well as what benefits Digital Forensics can bring you.
Moreover, you will be able to address your questions and concerns directly to today's best eDiscovery tools - Axcelerate creators - OpenText!
Don't miss this unique opportunity and register today!

This event is free to attend. Places are running out fast, so contact us for more details!

DF120: Foundations in Digital Forensics with EnCase
TBA November 2019

This hands-on course involves practical exercises and real-life simulations in the use of OpenText™ EnCase™ software (EnCase). The class provides participants with an understanding of how EnCase may be used to examine data related to an incident response, an employee misconduct investigation, and/or a law enforcement criminal and/or civil investigation. Participants create cases using EnCase, configure the application to maximize its utilization, and learn evidence acquisition concepts and how to validate the data collected. Instruction progresses to the analysis of the data whether related to criminal investigations, cybersecurity incidents, or other matters. The course will cover techniques, such as keyword or indexed searching along with hash analysis. Participants will learn how to bookmark, export, and create reports relating to examination findings. The course concludes with instruction on archiving, validating the data, and restoring the case.

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DF210: Building an Investigation with EnCase
TBA December 2019
This hands-on course is designed for investigators with solid computer skills, prior computer forensics training, and experience using OpenText™ EnCase™ Forensic (EnCase). This course builds upon the skills covered in the DF120 – Foundations of Digital Forensics course and enhances the examiner's ability to work efficiently through the use of the unique features of EnCase. This course will build an investigation using analysis techniques, such as recovering volumes, registry analysis, and examining compound files. The course progresses through the analysis of Windows artifacts, shortcut link files, Recycle Bin, stored internet data, and email. This course will assist criminal, corporate, and cybersecurity analysts.
Students must understand EnCase Forensic concepts, the structure of the evidence file, creating and using case files, and data acquisition and basic analysis methods. It is also important that the students are familiar with the methods for recovering deleted files and folders in a FAT environment, conducting indexed queries and keyword searches across logical and physical media, creating and using EnCase bookmarks, file signature analysis, and exporting evidence.Price – contact us for more details