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Tableau TX1 Firmware Now Available

New firmware version for OpenText Tableau TX1 Forensic Imager is now available bringing a lot of new features and enhancements alongside with previously reported and fixed issues.

New Features:

  • Any network connected TX1 can now be remotely accessed using a web browser from any device on the same network.
  • Imaging jobs (E01, EX01, DD and DMG output file types) can now be paused and then later resumed, even across TX1 power-cycles, including situations of unexpected power loss.
  • Text and image files can now be viewed directly on TX1 from the Browse window.
  • Saved logical imaging searches can now be imported to and exported from a TX1.
  • User profiles can now be setup and managed to enable credentialed unit access for local and remote use cases.
  • Partition information is now shown more prominently throughout the TX1 user interface and in forensic logs. This shows in the user interface in a new Content Breakdown media utility and during any task that displays filesystem tiles under drive tiles, such as selecting a source filesystem for a logical imaging job or browsing media.
  • Opal self-encrypting drives (SEDs) that have their encryption enabled will be detected and TX1 will warn of the existence of such encryption at various places in the user interface and forensic logs.
  • The date and time for any network connected TX1 units can now be set with a call to an available Network Time Protocol (NTP) server.
  • A custom hostname can now be added to TX1.
  • A TX1 firmware update can now be initiated directly from the unit from any mounted drive/filesystem.

For a full release note review, check this link.

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