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EnCase™ Forensic CE 21.1 Now Available

OpenText™ EnCase™ Forensic CE 21.1 is now available

As part of OpenText™ Cloud Editions 21.1, the latest edition of EnCase Forensic CE includes features designed to enhance the user experience and accelerate the pace of investigations, including expanded language support, enhanced license management, live directory preview, Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path collections and mobile acquisition enhancements.

What’s new in EnCase Forensic CE 21.1

Expanded language support

In addition to English, users can now perform evidence triage, collection, analysis and reporting in 14 additional languages.

Enhanced electronic license management

EnCase Forensic CE now uses CodeMeter License Server to manage licenses from a single application. Existing licenses can be upgraded through OpenText My Support for compatibility with the CodeMeter license server or left unchanged for continued use with License Manager.

Mobile acquisition enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to the native mobile data acquisition capabilities within EnCase Forensic CE for improved data access and the ability to extract volatile memory from mobile devices:

  • Apple® iOS 14 support has been added for logical acquisition and backup import (both encrypted and non-encrypted)
  • Android 11 support has been added for logical acquisition
  • Acquisition of SD cards with exFAT file system is available through the Memory Card (physical) plugin
  • Images of memory cards and mass storage devices are now created during acquisition
  • Parsing of the exFAT partition in device memory dumps has been added

Encase Forensic 21.1 (as well as family products) is now shipping and available for download!

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