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MacQuisition 2020 R1 Now Available

MacQuisition 2020 R1 is now available! This release includes updates and improvements to MacQuisition that make it even more powerful in solving cases. BlackBag have added several user-requested features that bring together the most comprehensive Apple imaging with new live and booted triaging of Apple devices – a feature unavailable in any other forensic tool on the market.   

What’s New and Improved?

  • Triage before collection in both live and booted mode
  • New Browser View to preview file content prior to acquisition
  • New Search View to locate files using filters or keyword before acquisition
  • As data is Triaged, via Browser and Search, files and folders can be added to the data collection
  • Ability to stored data collection in the .L01 logical evidence file format
  • Added capabilities to decrypt unallocated space on T2 drives
  • Capture RAM and targeted collections live on macOS 10.15 (Catalina)
  • Support added to boot newer hardware

As always, BlackBag recommends users update to the latest version to ensure the software is functioning properly and has all available fixes. Please see the release notes here for additional features and more specifics about items fixed with this release.

Contact Us for any questions and/or upgrade options.