EnCase™ Forensic CE 21.4 Now Available

OpenText™ EnCase™ Forensic CE 21.4 is now available

OpenText is pleased to announce the release of EnCase Forensic CE 21.4. Included in this release are updates designed to help improve user productivity and the overall user experience through features such as enhanced online activity collection, right-click evidence processing, and simplified artifact processing upgrades.

What’s new in EnCase Forensic CE 21.4

Enhanced online activity collection

Cloud service acquisition sources have been expanded to include elements of Facebook®, Instagram®, Microsoft® Azure, and Twitter®.

Right-click evidence processing from Entries view

Right-click on an evidence item and select from the default processing options. Users can also create custom processing options from the right-click menu.

Simplified artifact processing upgrades

Access live artifact processing upgrades without the need to upgrade the entire application.

Encase Forensic 21.4 (as well as family products) is now shipping and available for download!

Contact Us for any questions and/or upgrade options.