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Tableau TX1 Firmware 20.3 Now Available

Tableau TX1 Firmware 20.3 release!

New Features introduced with 20.3 version:

    • Drives/partitions encrypted with Microsoft BitLocker can now be unlocked by TX1
    • TX1 can now be configured to automatically start a duplication job for each detected source drive with automated Acquisition mode
    • Apple APFS volumes can now be mounted on TX1, which enables source side filesystem-based features such as browsing and logical imaging
    • In addition to being able to mount APFS volumes, TX1 will also detect the presence of APFS encryption and warn the user
    • Drive tiles in the TX1’s user interface will now indicate when a drive has been duplicated with different states indication
    • When using the ‘Restore’ function to turn a logical evidence file (e01, ex01, dd, dmg) back into the original source media format, hash values have always been calculated during the unpacking of the logical evidence file for use during read-back verification at the end of the job (if enabled)
    • TX1-generated packed log files can now be viewed directly in the TX1’s user interface and are now used to examine original job details during setup of certain job types. Examining packed log files is now done during setup of jobs that use them as input, which includes ‘Restore’ and standalone ‘Verify’

Along with new features introduction, new firmware bring a lot of Enhancements and Known Issues fixes.

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