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In the past, when auditors and lawyers were dealing with data and searching it through, everything has relied on a piece of paper, which was dated and signed. It is not the case anymore. Digitalization brings a new game-changing reality. But with every challenge, comes a new opportunity.


File copying is not an option

You cannot take a file by copying it from the suspects' device as all metadata (timestamps, other file properties) will change and such file as evidence cannot be trusted anymore. It is like presenting a fingerprint in court acquired from photography but not through forensic methods. Risks are increasing as you will not collect files, those were intentionally or accidentally renamed or were marked hidden. Moreover, you won’t collect files, which were deleted. As a top up, archives and databases will be left behind, such as E-mail archives (PST for Outlook would be perfect example). By applying Digital Forensics approach, you will collect absolutely everything in no time.

Amount of data to be browsed

Just one gigabyte (GB) of data can hold up to 65.000 (sixty-five thousand) pages in Microsoft Word document. Or it can contain almost 700.000 (seven hundred thousand) plain text documents (in Notepad, txt file format). We already mentioned that this year it is expected that every single human being will generate 6.25 terabytes of data, that is 6250 (six thousand two hundred fifty) gigabytes, you can do the math. Moreover, remote work caused even higher digital data generation. Millions of files can be present in one simple case with thousands of files deleted, hidden, or renamed. Without proper approach, you are missing over 90% of data in your case.

Timing and action planning

Here we will bust a huge myth – computers cannot delete data. It is simply not invented or better say technically not possible. Digital information can only be written and when the deletion is required, such data will be overwritten – simple as that. That is why data recovery is possible. However, if the device is in use, there is a high risk, data can be altered, deleted (overwritten), or otherwise compromised. That is why it is very important to secure data by acquiring it using digital forensics methods. Moreover, there should be policies applied including but not limited to a chain of custody, forensic methodology, etc.

Remote work and Self-Isolation caused 99,9% of data to be stored digitally.

Even before COVID changed our lives, over 97% of newly generated business data was stored in electronic form. The past year showed that was not a limit as continuous isolation and work from home model caused the transformation of almost all data storage from paper to digital.


Digital document copy holds much more information

Digitally stored documents (files) contain more than meets the eye. It holds timestamps (when the file was created, written, modified) as well as properties, such as author, file transfer logs (from/to different locations), and much more. All this can help to expand the picture in full by bringing all puzzle pieces into one place. Now you can zoom in and see what was there behind the curtain. By finding a PDF file of a certain agreement, you can check when this PDF was created from the WORD document, after examining WORD document and check if timestamps match agreement dates or it was faked – fraud case in place.

No need for storage of archives or devices themselves

It is enough to make an exact, 100% authentic copy of the source device and store it as a file. We call it – digital evidence. Such evidence cannot be altered or modified as it is protected. Evidence is created using Forensically Sound Acquisition method. It will hold unique ID (called hash) upon creation. You, or any other 3rd party can duplicate and work with such evidence with high confidence as it will always remain the same. Moreover, there is always possibility to come back to any checkpoint of your investigation or even to it's roots and start over.
Now you have access to everything whenever you need it.

Great way to boost Your competitive advantage

As an auditor or lawyer, you can build a piece of bulletproof evidence in your case by relying on court-proven technology called – digital forensics. As a part of forensics science used by law enforcement, you can be sure your evidence is unbeatable, which eventually will make you and your customer a winner. Alternatively, when you need to reveal the truth, you can be sure all information and data are preserved, collected and present in your case.
Complex yet simple service, which is utilizing all security measures available for digital investigations, analysis, and search.

How Difseco can help You?

Well, now you might think this all sounds complicated. Well yes, it does, but we have you covered! As the only company fully concentrated on Digital Forensics in Finland (and in the Nordic/Baltic region), we have tried to find a solution to battle new challenges by understanding how hard it was to get proper knowledge, invest in expensive tools, and implement processes.

Forensic collection (acquisition) service

We can collect almost any digital source would be a computer, mobile phone, cloud account (like Exchange or Google Drive). This will be stored for you in case you will need it in your auditing or trial case. Our offers are fixed priced for easy budgeting.

Tools and certified premises

First time in Finland we offer the possibility to rent all-in-one required tools along with certified premises to perform a search only WHEN it is required. No need for heavy investment. Hourly based pricing, no hidden costs.

One-day yet comprehensive training

When you think you know nothing about how to search, we are here to help. Difseco own tailored one-day training course will provide you with foundations on what is Digital Forensics science about, how to perform a search using several digital forensics tools. A simple, easy, and understandable course at our unique and only training facility in Finland.

Full Digital Forensics Investigation

With over 30 years of combined experience, our professionals are ready to help with full and detailed Digital Forensics Investigations whenever and if it will be required. We have successful cases completed in Finland and are ready to help You.

Still, hesitating?

With these new offers, you can collect all data and search conveniently at our state-of-the-art location (remote work will be organized shortly). Plan your budget with cost-effective solutions. Beat the market with a competitive advantage and provide the best services to your customers!